Information on the project

Why us?

As a charity organization, we realize the responsibility to be a follower of those individuals for whom the gesture of charity is a supreme manifestation of spirituality. The people of Gabrovo are benevolent people and highly value good deeds and know that time slowly puts everything in its place and bears interest in every deed, especially kindness.

As an active public organization, we realize our great responsibility to educate the younger generation in values such as kindness, humanity, charity, responsibility - especially necessary in today's reality and challenges.

This project is supported by the students from the Aprilov National High School's Club "Young Revival" and the cultural institutions and organizations of Gabrovo.

Why now?

1. The prepared information will also help young history teachers to explain their students why they should be proud and love their city;

2. The topic to provoke discussions in which the city's past to provoke the right attitude of young people to the environment, the current reality and vision of what they want to be the future development of the hometown;

3. Most of the included objects are works of art and this will contribute to the aesthetic education of young people;

4. The project will strengthen the sense of pride and belonging to the city of the local community, acquainting them with the history of the city and the worthy people who contributed to its development;

5. The project will provide an opportunity to improve the quality of life of some groups of people with disabilities by raising their awareness of historical figures and activities in Gabrovo, through the use of interactive and visual tools;

6. The project envisages the information materials and the website to be in 2 languages ​​(Bulgarian and English), which will increase access to our cultural heritage for foreign guests of the city and for those living in Gabrovo, which in recent years is no exception.

7. To increase the information value of the project, we plan to add information about other monuments and landmarks in the area of ​​each site included in our project.

8. The project meets the requirements of the Program "Gabrovo - City of Creativity, Youth and Tourism"

What are we aiming for?

1. Development and enrichment of information education;

2. Development and diversification of non-formal education;

3. Enrichment of the cultural environment and development of tourism.

4. Creating advertising as part of a good communication policy and a single brand of the city, as well as including the history of the city in its overall presentation;

5. Creating audiences and interest in the historical landmarks of the city.

Target groups

Young people - the project gives them the opportunity to share values ​​and traditions and to preserve and pass them on to future generations; provides an opportunity for education in respect and esteem for the contribution of important personalities and events for the development of the city; strengthens the sense of belonging to the city;

The local community - strengthening the sense of pride and belonging to the city, as well as its thinking and acting for charity;

The guests of the city - the project aims to support their awareness, to make Gabrovo an attractive place for tourists, as well as to promote the city as a tourist destination.

And last but not least, the project is in line with the overall activities of the Municipality of Gabrovo to promote prominent personalities who have contributed to the development of the city in various spheres of the economic and cultural life.




The following sources of information were used in the preparation of the biographical references:
- documents and photos from the funds of the State Archives - Gabrovo;
- photos from the National Museum of Education, from the Interactive Museum of Industry - Gabrovo, from the website of Aprilov National High School and from the personal archive of arch. Maria Khlebarova;
- publications of the "Aprilov-Palauzov" Regional Library and the Regional History Museum of Gabrovo;
- editions: Encyclopedia "Donation" of BAS; "From the social and cultural past of Gabrovo" (1934) by Dr. Petar Tsonchev, "Pencho Semov. Success", 2008, by Krasimira Cholakova; "The tree does not make a forest." 2011, with author Maria Semerdzhieva; "Read, brother, read…", dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the "Aprilov-Palauzov" Regional Library - Gabrovo.