On this page you will find detailed information about the personalities presented in the guide

  • Vasil Aprilov

    The benefactor of Aprilov High School

    WCS "Mother's Care"

    "We have gathered to do good!"

    Ivan Kalpazanov

    Founder of the textile industry in Gabrovo

    Lalyo Metev

    The donor of the Gabrovo church temples

    Minyo The Pope

    The benefactor of the Gabrovo Chitalishte (Community center)

    Mosha Koleva

    "I am happy when I do good for the others."

    Dr. Nikola Vasiliadi

    Тhe donor for a technical high school

    Gen. Nikola Ryaskov

    Founder of the Bulgarian Artillery

    Nikolai St. Palauzov

    The executor of Vasil Aprilov's will

    Pencho Semov

    The Bulgarian Rockefeller

    Dr. Peter Tsonchev

    The Gabrovo historian

    Radion Umnikov

    The school benefactor

    Stefana B. Gencheva

    The Honorary Chairwoman of WCS "Mother's Care"

    Dr. Tota Venkova

    The first woman in Bulgaria to graduate as a medical doctor

    Christo Konkilev

    Public figure, politician and industrialist